Police Victims Right to Review (VRR) scheme

The scheme:

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have established the Victim Right to Review (VRR) scheme. This allows for victims to request an independent review of a police decision not to prosecute a suspect.

The scheme only applies in certain circumstances, the most important of which are:

  • There must be a suspect who has been interviewed
  • Police have made the decision not to prosecute because there is insufficient evidence (or unrealistic prospect of conviction) or police have decided there is insufficient evidence to take to CPS

The process:

When the police make the decision not to charge the suspect you are told via your preferred method of contact. This is usually by the telephone by the officer who has been investigating your case (we call them the OIC – officer in the case). We will then follow up the call with a formal letter. Your officer must tell you the reasons why the police were not able to charge the suspect. They will also point out the details of the victims right to review scheme. The formal letter will advise you how to go about requesting an independent review of the police decision.

You have 3 months from the date of the formal letter to make a decision on whether you want the police to review your case. Seek guidance from a friend, carer, the citizens advice bureau or the victims hub if you do not feel you can make this decision yourself.

If you decide that you do want the decision reviewed then you should complete the form on this link and email or post to the "IMU". Contact details are below.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary "IMU" will acknowledge your request within 10 days. An independent police inspector will complete the review and advise you of their findings within 30 days.

If the inspector overturns the original decision your officer will contact you & guide you through the prosecution process.

If your case does not fit the scheme the IMU will explain why if the officer in the case has not already done so.

Requests can be made via email, post, or telephone.

VRR Victims Request to Review form

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