Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) is available to all victims of crime.

It gives victims the chance to meet offenders in a controlled and safe environment to talk about the harm that has been caused and to find a way to repair that harm.

The process is completely voluntary for both parties. It can empower victims by letting them have their say and helping them to move on with their lives and it can help offenders to recognise the impact of what they have done and make amends.

Research has showed 85% of victims who participated in restorative justice felt it was a positive experience.

RJ should not be confused with "community remedy", which is a way of dealing with specific low-level offences, often committed by young people.

RJ can be offered to victims of any type of crime and at any point in the legal process, including after court sentencing. It is entirely the victim's decision and the offender must accept guilt.

There are various difference methods of which can be used to suit the particular circumstances. These range from a meeting between the victim and offender to conferences involving family, partner agencies and the wider community. All conferences are facilitated by trained practitioners and the victim and offender are never left alone.

RJ is part of the force's commitment to putting victims at the heart of everything it does and is managed by the police-led Victims' Hub, which launched in October 2014.

Anyone who would like to inquire about RJ should call 0800 781 6818 or email

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