Speed awareness course

The speed awareness course is currently being offered to motorists within a set threshold (see table below) as an alternative to prosecution.

Those caught speeding in any speed limit, at the lower levels, who have not completed a course in the past three years are eligible.

The course aims to generate a better understanding of the consequences of speeding and raise awareness of the importance of sticking to speed limits. The course also helps drivers recognise speed limits so they can drive appropriately.

The course is a four hour presentation and run by AA Drivetech (UK) plc, who already operate a number of schemes for forces across the UK. Motorists have to pay 90 to attend the course and once complete they will face no prosecution. Courses can be taken across the country, motorists do not have to return to the area where they committed the offence.

For more information visit - www.aadrivetech.co.uk

Speed Limit Speed Awareness Course criteria (if appropriate) Fixed Penalty Summons
30 mph 35-42 mph 43-49 mph 50+ mph
40 mph 46-53 mph 54-65 mph 66+ mph
50 mph 57-64 mph 65-75 mph 76+ mph
60 mph 68-75 mph 76-85 mph 86+ mph
70 mph 79-86 mph 87-95 mph 96+ mph

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