Equality and Inclusion - Positive Action

Cambridgeshire Constabulary is committed to recruiting an inclusive workforce that is reflective of the diverse communities that is serves.

What is positive action?

Positive action is what an organisation can do to encourage people from protected characteristic groups to apply for jobs. These characteristics can be due to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil relationships, pregnancy, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. Positive Action is often confused with positive discrimination. Positive discrimination would be a policy that treats people with protected characteristics better than those without them. The force would not select a candidate less qualified due to them being from a diverse background. The person who is best qualified will be employed or promoted regardless.

Why is positive action important?

The force must recruit an inclusive workforce representative of the communities we serve, with high calibre people who share the core values of the force and have the right skills to deliver policing in the 21st century and beyond, to ensure the provision of excellent policing. The police service has struggled to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and is not representative of the BME population nationally or within Cambridgeshire. A review of the recruitment process has identified we need to increase the numbers of BME applicants to the force. The BME population within Cambridgeshire is 6.8% and in Peterborough this rises to 16.6%, whilst the number of BME officers within the force sits at 2%.

The Positive Action Program will help us do this, to assist with building relationships and result in a more effective service.

What steps are we taking in relation to positive action?

Recruitment Events

BME Recruitment Events are being put in place to attract, and offer support to, candidates from diverse backgrounds. These events will provide an input into the application process and information in relation to publicly available support. Alongside these we are running a 10 week Access Course which will allow potential candidates to explore the opportunities available within the force.

Insight Patrol

These patrols are designed to provide an Insight into the constabulary and the many roles that are available. This may be as a Community Support Office, Special Constable, Volunteer or Police Officer. Prospective candidates are able to accompany a member of our workforce carrying out their duty. Officers and staff are matched with candidates to enable questions to be answered around work and home life balance, culture and their experiences as a frontline police officer or a member of Cambridgeshire Constabulary staff.

Click here for Insight Application Form and return to positiveaction@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Access Course

This programme is designed to give individuals the chance to meet officers from a wide range of roles within our force. You will receive tips on how to succeed at the different stages of our recruitment process. The course will also give applicants the opportunity to visit different departments. You will get a better understanding of how the force operates and what we value. The Access Course is a voluntary programme that will usually takes place on a Thursday evening (19:00 till 20:30) for nine consecutive weeks. The majority of the course is held at FHQ however one of the sessions (week 5) will run elsewhere within Cambridgeshire so a flexibility to travel is essential. The Access Course is open to people from all backgrounds who meet our essential criteria. However, minority ethnic communities, including White non–British, are currently under–represented within the force and are particularly encouraged to apply.

Click here for the application.

If you are interested in receiving information about our recruitment campaigns and any of the positive action events behind held throughout the county, please complete the form below to register with our Positive Action Team.

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