Taser training

All officers from Cambridgeshire selected to use Taser must pass an intensive four day Taser training course prior to becoming qualified Taser operators.

The course includes detailed assessments on decision making, scenario based incidents, use of force and the medical implications of the use of Taser.

Taser training doesn't just focus on the Taser itself. It helps officers to fine tune existing skills and teaches them the importance of communication, justification and management of post use procedures.

Before attending a course, officers must be up to date with Personal Safety Training, First Aid and have been recommended via a strict selection process.

Practical scenarios aim to test the officer's decision making processes and application of the relevant legislation around the use of force. Officers are also tested in recognising medical emergencies and any adverse reactions arising from the use of force. Taser training follows national standards and guidelines.

Taser initial course contents

How to use Taser - This is taught through drills and re-enforced in practical scenarios

When to use it - Lessons cover rationale, what your options are, looking at all the tactics available both as an individual and as part of a group. This is guided by the National Decision Model, Human Rights Act and domestic law.

Post use procedure - How to retrieve and record evidence and most importantly how to provide aftercare to a subject that has been Tasered.

Refresher Training -Once qualified as a Taser user, officers must take part in an annual one day refresher course.

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