A Taser is a single shot weapon designed to temporarily incapacitate a suspect through the use of an electrical current.

Taser has been carried in Cambridgeshire since 2005 when Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) began to deploy with the weapon. In 2009 the Home Secretary authorised its use by non–AFOs and Cambridgeshire began equipping specially trained patrol officers in May 2013. The firing of a Taser in Cambridgeshire is a rare occurrence.?

As of October 2015 Cambridgeshire Constabulary has 120 officers who are authorised to carry Taser. These numbers are supplemented by officers from the BCH Strategic Alliance Armed Policing Unit.

We have clear operating procedures on the use of Taser and there is a team of officers who continually review what we do and how we do it to ensure that Taser is deployed correctly to protect both the public and the police.

This section of our website has been specifically developed to answer questions on what a Taser is, how we train our staff in the use of Taser and statistical information on when we have used Taser and where.

There is also a link to the College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice website, which details how police officers across the UK are trained and is also a valuable source of information.

To get in touch or raise a concern about the use of Taser, please email Inspector Malcolm Graham, Force Control Room.

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