Monitoring and scrutiny

Stop and search can be an intrusive power and it is important it used fairly and correctly at all times. Police officers must carry out the stop search according to strict rules and so it important to monitor and review all stop searches to make sure these rules are being adhered to.

As a minimum, a supervisor checks all stop searches to ensure compliance with existing legislation and policies.

The Force Stop and Search Gold Group, chaired by the ACC, ensures internal scrutiny of stop and search within Cambridgeshire. Progress against local and national guidance and best practise is monitored by the use of an Action Plan. Additional scrutiny of individual stop searches and trends is achieved through local performance meetings.

To ensure transparency, monthly stop and search data is available here.

Annual stop search figures are also provided to the Home Office for wider publication. Further information is available on their Police. UK website. In order to find the stop search data for your area please just click on the attached link and enter the postcode for 'Your Neighbourhood'. You will then be able to see the relevant crime and stop search data for your area by using the links on the right hand side of the page.

Community Scrutiny Group

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has established a local scrutiny panel that will hold the force to account on any stop and search issues. The members of this panel will reflect and represent the diverse communities of Cambridgeshire. The group meet on a quarterly basis and specifically examine stop searches, scrutinise complaints arising from stop search and where applicable, instigate a Community Trigger. If you are interested in becoming a member of the community scrutiny group please contact T/Ch Inspector Ian Ford using the 101 number or via email at


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