Fair and effective use

Stop and search powers must be used fairly and effectively to help maintain public confidence. Cambridgeshire Constabulary ensure this occurs through greater transparency and engagement with our local communities. This is achieved through a variety of methods.

The force Stop Search Gold Group, Chaired by the Assistant Chief Constable, is responsible for internal scrutiny of all matters connected with Stop and Search in Cambridgeshire.

External scrutiny is provided by the independent Stop Search Community Group. (See monitoring and scrutiny for more information)

Monthly stop and search data is published in the monitoring and scrutiny section to ensure our transparency and accountability.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary is also represented at the Police and Public Encounters Board, a national board that influences and monitors national stop and search procedures and practices.

Most recently, Cambridgeshire Constabulary is involved in the national ’Best Use of Stop Search Scheme’ launched by the Home Office. This means certain measures to improve our transparency to the public and community representatives will be adopted or enhanced.

Definition of a fair and effective stop and search encounter

A stop and search is most likely to be fair and effective when:

  • the search is justified, lawful and stands up to public scrutiny;
  • the officer has genuine and objectively reasonable suspicion they will find a prohibited article or item for use in crime;
  • the person understands why they have been searched and feels that they have been treated with respect;
  • the search was necessary and was the most proportionate method the police officer could use to establish whether the person has such an item.

For more information visit the Home Office website Or visit www.police.uk

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