Case studies

Victim A, a teenage girl had upset her father and was concerned that she would not be allowed to return from a summer trip abroad. Contact was made with victim A and advice was given prior to the trip. Victim A returned safe and well. Victim A
Victim B, a young girl, removed against her will from one country to another and forced into marriage. In danger and scared, victim B contacted Cambridgeshire police. She was rescued from the situation and made safe. Victim B
Victim C, a woman, in an arranged marriage was being mentally abused by her husband. Police assistance allowed her to flee with her children, to a place of safety.

Victim C
Victims D and E were in a relationship that was not approved by either family. The couple moved away together, following suitable advice from police on how to remain safe. Victim D&E
Victim F, a woman, received threats from her family because they didn't approve of her boyfriend. She was withdrawn from the situation and re-housed. Victim F
Victim G, a man, was committed to an arranged marriage but had upset another family by refusing to marry their daughter. He was offered advice on his concerns about possible repercussions. Victim G
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