Frequently Asked Questions

What do the police class as an emergency/when can I call 999?

Before dialing 999 use your common sense. How urgently do you need the police? Is it something that could be dealt with at a later time?

Below are some guidelines of when it is right to call 999:

  • If there is danger to life.

  • If a person is being violent or is threatening to use violence.

  • If a person is seriously injured.

  • If there is serious damage to property.

  • If a crime is likely to be serious and is in progress.

  • If an offender is disturbed at the scene.

  • If an offender has been detained and poses, or is likely to pose, a risk to other people.

  • If a road crash has caused, or is likely to involve, serious personal injury.

  • If the road is blocked or there is a dangerous or excessive build up of traffic.

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