Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent my mobile phone being stolen?

When you are using your mobile phone in a public place be aware of your surroundings.

Watch who is around you and be aware of anyone who is standing close by.

When not in use keep your mobile phone hidden in a secure place on your person, or in your bag.

Protectively mark your mobile phone (see question 12.)

Keep your contract or mobile phone box with the IMEI/serial number on it in a safe place. The police need to see evidence that you owned the phone, the contract or box are the only means the police will accept. A recent bill or delivery note will not suffice.

The IMEI/serial number on your phone is a number that is unique to your mobile phone. To find out what your IMEI number is type *#06# into your phone.

Register your phone at this is a website that allows you to register free any property with a serial number.

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