What is a disclosure?

A disclosure is the information held on record about a named individual by the police relating to:

  • previous child sex offence convictions
  • a significant risk of harm to a child

and is therefore considered to be a risk to the children concerned.

This relevant information will only be given if it is in the interest of the child’s welfare and is not believed to increase the risk of harm to the child. The information will only be given to the person best placed to protect the child and who needs to know the details in order to keep the child safe, usually a parent, carer or guardian.

Any member of the public can apply for information about an individual if they are concerned but the disclosure will only be given to the person best placed to protect the child.

Any disclosure request is considered by the police and relevant partner agencies. A disclosure cannot be guaranteed in all cases.

All disclosures must be lawful, proportionate and necessary to protect a child from the risk of significant harm. The safeguarding of children will be paramount throughout.

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Last updated: 21 September 2017, 12:34

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