Crime Reduction Officers

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has eight Crime Reduction Officers, one for each of the six districts although Peterborough has three to cover the large area.

Helen O’DriscollHelen O’Driscoll

I cover the Southern Sector of Peterborough which includes the Ortons, Hampton, Fletton, Woodston and Stanground and my core role is to help prevent crimes occurring. I raise awareness through events and talks to the public but I also make home and business visits to anyone requiring security advice. I am involved in the long-term problem solving issues on my sector alongside the City Council and other partner agencies. I also plan and develop crime prevention initiatives which benefit the local community and help prevent crime and disorder.

Julie BaileyJulie Bailey

My main role is to work with local community groups such as Neighbourhood Watch and to get in touch with victims of crime, visit them and carry out security surveys. I work very closely with the local policing teams in Fenland and also our partner agencies to run crime prevention and safety events. I ensure the public are kept informed of what’s going on in the area and regularly put out crime prevention messages using the various social media channels such as eCops, Facebook and Twitter.

Sue LoakerSue Loaker
East Cambridgeshire

As the officer covering East Cambs I constantly strive to reduce crime by raising public awareness of crime trends and personal safety using social media and presentations at public events. I visit many victims of burglary, both dwelling and commercial, to offer advice and guidance of securing properties in the hope that this will prevent them from being a repeat victim. I work closely with East Cambs Community Safety Partnership and we are always looking at new initiatives and projects in the community focusing on anti-social behaviour (ASB), burglary and protecting vulnerable people in our community. I work alongside Neighbourhood Watch to promote their good work and encourage more schemes to develop in an effort to make our community a safe place to work and live. I have a responsibility to promote the force Get Closer campaigns and to deliver on force priorities.

Rachel CarrRachel Carr
South Cambridgeshire

My role is to provide security advice for householders and businesses regarding crime such as burglary and theft. I also deliver talks to community groups on crime prevention and personal safety. All Crime Reduction Officers have a nationally recognised qualification enabling them to provide more detailed advice on behalf of the force. Other aspects of my work includes developing community safety initiatives, long term problem solving work with partner agencies such as the Fire Service, Bobby Scheme, schools and housing associations. I regularly attend events and road shows to promote security awareness and I also work closely with the South Cambs Business Watch PCSO. The role also gives support to local policing teams in delivering panel priorities, as well as delivering the force’s Get Closer security campaigns.

Kate ThwaitesKate Thwaites

My role is to identify crime trends and provide crime prevention and personal safety advice to people living, studying and working in Cambridge. I conduct security surveys at premises throughout the city and run a number of long-term projects around student safety, burglary, Op Columbus which is for international students and cycle theft. Other areas that I can deliver advice on include personal safety, distraction burglary and rogue traders, independent living, internet safety and scams. I work closely with other organisations in the city to provide a multi-agency approach, especially when tackling subjects such as alcohol related violence, retail crime and the expansion of Neighbourhood Watch schemes within the city.

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