Alcohol-related harm

Officers patrol Peterborough at nightMost people enjoy a few drinks with family and friends at home or in pubs, restaurants and clubs without causing disruption to other people. However, some people who drink to excess can cause anti-social behaviour, become aggressive or violent, or need medical attention.

There are a number of measures Cambridgeshire Constabulary takes in order to reduce alcohol-related harm. We believe that tackling the problem means more than responding to the crime and arresting the offenders – we want to prevent alcohol-related harm, not just deal with the after-effects.

We are working hard in partnership with other local organisations including Trading Standards, local authorities, Community Alcohol Partnerships, the Cambridgeshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and many others to tackle the underlying causes of alcohol-related harm and the misuse and sale of alcohol before it becomes a problem.

The tactics we are using to tackle this include:

  • Using Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs), Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and warning letters to deter repeat offenders and to force parents to take responsibility for their children’s behaviour
  • Patrolling town and city centres during hot-spot times (particularly Friday and Saturday nights)
  • Working with Trading Standards officers to perform test purchases at bars, clubs and off-licenses to check for staff selling alcohol to people under 18
  • Confiscating alcohol from underage drinkers in public places
  • Working with licensed premises to reduce anti-social behaviour and working with the local authority to review the licenses of premises where ASB continues to be a problem
  • Referring offenders to local support services that can help, such as Drinksense and Addaction

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