Types of modern slavery

Combatting modern slavery is a priority for Cambridgeshire Constabulary with numerous incidents happening across the whole county. There are many different types of modern slavery but the most commonly seen in Cambridgeshire are detailed below:

  • Sexual exploitation
    This is a growing industry in the UK. It can involve using men, women or children (minors) for sexual purposes, usually in exchange for cash or favours between customers and the trafficker or agent. Some examples of where this can take place are bars, massage parlours, the pornography industry or in forced marriages.
  • Enforced labour
    Victims are forced into work or other services against their will, often under threat of violence or some other form of punishment. They are often treated as 'owned' by their employers and their freedom is restricted. A 'debt bondage' may often be imposed where the trafficker leads the victim to believe that they must work to pay for the cost of their travel into the UK. However, in reality, the victim cannot pay it off as the amount owed is set at an extortionate rate. Some examples include farming, fisheries, the building trade, restaurants or care homes.
  • Domestic servitude
    Victims work for and live with their employer. They often believe that they must work to pay off their travel costs into the UK, but these are usually set at an extortionate amount by the trafficker, making it impossible to pay off. Their movements are restricted and their passport is taken away from them. They are told stories of local police brutality or corruption by their traffickers and employers so as to keep them fearful.
  • Organ harvesting
    These human trafficking cases involve victims coerced into donating an organ for a life-saving treatment. The person receiving the organ pays for both operations. On average in the UK there are 200,000 people on the NHS waiting list for organs. Often organ harvesters take their victims abroad for surgery and sell the organs for a large fee.
  • Internal trafficking
    Trafficking is not purely an international issue, but is increasingly taking place within UK borders involving UK residents who may be moved to other parts of the country, even possibly abroad. Victims are often groomed then offered for various forms of modern slavery.
  • Criminal exploitation
    Victims are often enticed by their traffickers by the promise of work and a better life. They are usually provided with accommodation but a 'debt bondage' is often imposed where the trafficker makes the victim pay for the cost of their living etc which is often set at an extortionate rate, they then are forced to commit crimes as a way of re
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