Did you know?

  • Human trafficking is the second largest illegal trade in the world – drugs trade is the largest
  • Children are sold for as little as 10
  • Trafficking is not just about women involved in prostitution
  • Human trafficking is modern day slavery
  • Some trafficked women are forced to work in excess of 16 hour days and have sex with more than 30 men a day
  • Every minute of every day another man, woman or child is trafficked across a border into a life of exploitation
  • One woman can earn sex traffickers in excess of 1,000 a week
  • 300,000 people are trafficked each year within the EU
  • Trafficking is a global problem that affects every country and every continent
  • Trafficking is the fastest growing international crime
  • Trafficking does not always involve illegal immigration
  • 80% of those trafficked are women and children
  • Human trafficking trade earns twice as much in worldwide revenue as Coca Cola
  • Trafficking is a growing problem with 2.4 million men, women and children being trafficked each year
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