Cybercrime prevention advice

Securing your devices

Technology is rapidly being adopted into our daily lives from accessing computers for work to the use of smartphones. Unfortunately criminals are also seeing it as an opportunity for to commit crimes, including exploiting gaps in the security on electronic devices. GCHQ estimates that 80% of cybercrime could be prevented by individuals and businesses taking simple steps to secure their devices.

Just like your home or car your device, whether it be a smartphone, computer, laptop tablet or other internet connected device, needs to be secured.

Think: You wouldn't leave your house without shutting and locking the doors and windows so why leave your device and online accounts open to cyber criminals?

Follow the links below to gain practical advice on how you can protect you and your devices from cybercriminals:

Computers and tablets

Mobile Phones

Networking sites

Networking sites can allow users to communicate remotely with others, from one-on one conversations to large group chats, all from your mobile device or computer. This can be for keeping in contact with people we know in the real world or making new connections with those we haven't met and who we may not have even seen. In both cases what we do on these sites potentially maybe open to some form of abuse if we don't take the necessary precautions.

This section deals with all of these areas of online networking, detailing the risks associated with some of the main types of social networking sites and providing useful advice on how to stay safe while using them:

Little Book of Cyber Scams

For further information on popular cyber scams please see the Little Book of Cyber Scams

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